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Secret Food Tours Las Vegas is the perfect pairing for your Vegas Birthday Weekend! If you’re looking for something to do during the afternoon, try this Vegas food tour.

Thank you, Secret Food Tours Vegas, for hosting us on this afternoon of good food and good fun. We appreciate you!

The husband and I just returned from a jam-packed (but surprisingly still relaxing) kid-free weekend in Vegas to celebrate my husband’s birthday! Woop woop. We went on the trip with a group of eleven family members to celebrate THREE birthdays in the group. Most of the weekend was spent hanging out with family. It was fun to catch up with them as nine people from our group live in Albuquerque and we live in Dallas. The hubs and I had a bit of time where it was just us, so here is something we got up to!

My husband is one of those people that can go all day and “forget” to eat. Like actually forget to have a meal. My brain cannot comprehend this. I am a total foodie. I schedule whole vacations around meals and restaurants. Who are you most like – me or the hubs?!

What better way to celebrate my husband’s birthday weekend than a food tour on the Vegas Strip?! Okay okay, the tour was more for me, but the hubs does love food. I just have to make sure he eats!

Secret Food Tours operates all around the globe. Besides sixteen cities in the US, they also have tours in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, and Europe. I think it’s such a great way to see a new city and experience the local cuisine.

One thing that made our tour a great one was our guide, Amoret! She was very knowledgeable about the Vegas food scene and the history of the restaurants we visited. Amoret was easy to talk to and also took pictures anytime we needed!


This was our very first food tour, so I didn’t know what to expect beforehand. Here are a few things to note about the tour:

  • The tour lasts about 3.5 hours. Some stops felt a little rushed, but you are able to get a takeaway box if needed.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking. We walked a lot more than I expected, which was fine because I love walking. Be mindful of your shoe choice on the day!
  • There are 8 people max in the tour (plus your guide), and it is family friendly. There were two elementary age girls on our tour.
  • This most likely goes without saying, but probs skip the buffet brekkie the morning of your tour. While you aren’t eating a full meal at each stop, it’s still quite a bit of food that you’ll need room for!
  • The food is decided ahead of time. You don’t get to choose, so be open to trying new things!


Without giving too much away from our secret food tour, the first stop was at a celebrity chef’s pub! We dined on nachos with kettle chips and beer glazed wings. The nachos were my fave and the hubs liked the wings.

My new friend, Cheryl (or Sheryl? I should have asked!), let me photograph her drink because it was too cute to not have a photo taken.

Do you like meeting other travelers on vacation?! The husband and I love it! Our tour had a total of nine people (including us and our guide, Amoret). We enjoyed chatting with the other people in our group.


I won’t give away stop number two’s location (it is called SECRET Food Tours for a reason), but let’s just say there was a delicious cookie involved.


Stop three was my favorite for three reasons:

  1. The company’s mission. The restaurant’s anti-inflammatory menu features seasonal food that is intended to nourish your body. If you’ve been hanging around my blog for awhile, you would know that we are lovers of real food. We strive to eat an 80/20 diet (80% of the things we eat are nourishing foods). How we eat at home goes hand in hand with this restaurant’s philosophy and I’m all about it.
  2. The decor. I loved the bright green and white everywhere. The restaurant felt fresh, just like the food. And those mirrors you see with gold in the pics? Those are forks/knives/spoons around the mirrors y’all!
  3. It had my favorite drink of the day.

All the restaurants serve water with your meals. You have the option to purchase beverages at the restaurant or you can pre-purchase the Upgraded Drinks Package, (for those 21+) which includes one adult beverage at each restaurant, for a total of three drinks.

My favorite drink was by far this cocktail at Stop Number Three. This “South for Winter” drink was bomb.

For our meal we got to try the Chicken Sausage pizza and the Butternut Squash pizza (it’s vegan!). I loved both of them, but as a group we voted the Chicken Sausage as the favorite.

Secret Food Tours Las Vegas

No need to worry if you don’t finish your drinks at the restaurant. It’s Vegas, baby, and you can take that drank to go!

On the way to the next stop homegirl Amoret busts out some glasses and offers the adults wine from her WINE PURSE. Y’all, she was carrying around this purse all afternoon and was hiding the fact it was full of chardonnay! Very impressed.


Stop four was a quick one for cupcakes to-go! We each got to pick a cupcake to take for later. If you’re a caramel fan, get the caramel cupcake. You’re welcome.


Our last stop of the day was at a Southern restaurant. Being born and raised in Texas, I felt at home for this stop! The fancy deviled eggs were almost too fancy to eat, but this Southern gal doesn’t ever pass up a deviled egg.

Amoret talked me into adding the house-made Honey Hot sauce to my egg, and that was a delicious addition! Sadly the sauces aren’t for sale, so you’ll have to get your fix while you’re dining.

We also had the most amazing scratch-made chicken biscuits. The chicken on the chicken biscuit is soaked for 24 hours in buttermilk. Any meal prep that takes longer than waiting in line at the DMV should be applauded.

We finished the tour with a group photo (minus Sheryl/Cheryl who had to duck out a little early) in front of the Venetian.

*Image below right taken by Amoret of Secret Food Tours Vegas. Used with permission.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been on a food tour and where?! I’m already wanting to go on another tour since I found out Secret Food Tours has a tour in Dallas (where we live)!

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This post was done in partnership with Secret Food Tours Vegas. As always, all opinions on this blog are my own.


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