image by: my amazingly talented friend, Britney Tarno

We are Mavericks. We are a little different around here, and we think that’s a good thing!

Our passion for travel started in 2007 when my husband, Josh, and I were newlyweds. It started with small weekend trips around the US visiting baseball parks. Then, our love for all things beach grew with each new sandy and sunny destination. This love for the beach led us to move to Australia in 2009.

Our passion for a healthier way of living began when my husband was getting his Doctorate in Chiropractic. The knowledge he gained in his studies lead us to make some small but significant lifestyle changes. The biggest catalyst to our healthier way of living was the birth of our first child in 2011.

When I started having our babies, Josh and I made a promise to each other to still travel as much as possible. If you’re a parent, you know how challenging raising these little angels can be. The older the kids got and the crazier our lives & schedules became, the more I began to crave trips with just my husband. We still go on family trips throughout the year, but my favorite trips are the ones when it’s just the hubs and I.

This blog is a way for me to share encouraging posts with you about taking those luxury kid-free trips! I also share how to sneak in alone time with your spouse on family vacays! There will be an emphasis on healthy living, as that’s a big part of our lives. I hope to be your go-to for luxury resort recommendations around the world, kid-free travel, and tips for healthier traveling!

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