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Healthy Food in Branson

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Before any trip I research healthy food options in our destination. Since our family has been on a cleaner eating journey for the past nine years (ever since our oldest was born), it makes sense to continue this on our holidays!

When we eat foods our bodies aren’t used to consuming, it usually ends in an upset stomach or worse. I’d rather not spend my vacay sick in the bathroom. Ewww, David.

Plus by choosing healthier food and drink options, it gives us more energy to enjoy our vacation!

Before our trip to Branson, Missouri I did what I usually do and research healthier/cleaner eating establishments. I was so happy to discover Revive Juice and Coffee Bar in Branson! After a quick glance at their menu, I was already in love.

I added Revive Juice and Coffee Bar to our itinerary for breakfast on our last morning in Branson.

Revive is located in a quieter part of Branson, away from the touristy area. There’s a different feel – a more peaceful area of the town for sure.

We made our way into the shopping center and through the doors of Revive (pictured above), and I knew these were my people.

Love that Revive Juice and Coffee Bar’s menu takes up the whole wall!
Mom, you won’t need your glasses for this menu. 😉

First off, the menu is HUGE in size! It takes up the whole wall right when you walk in the shop. My kiddos loved that they could stand next to the menu and carefully read each item.

The menu had ingredients my 9 and 7 year old love to see on a menu like coconut water, coconut milk, fruit, and nut butter.

It’s rare that we can go to a restaurant or café and the kids are able to pick anything they want. Every single time we go out for a meal, the first questions my kids ask is “what can we have?” They are so conditioned to know not all foods are nutritious options.

As a mom, it’s such a joyful moment to be able to say “you can pick anything you want. It’s all healthy here.”

That doesn’t happen often but it did at Revive!

Inside Revive it’s inviting and cutely decorated. It would make a great place to come work while you have a coffee or smoothie.

Are you drooling yet?! The food and drinks at Revive Juice and Coffee Bar were even better than they look!

We ended up choosing the following drinks: Fruit Basket (pictured above, top left), a Cold Brew (above, top right) with coconut milk for the hubs, Breakfast Blend (above, bottom left), and Power Up (below, right).

For the food we chose: Oatmeal with strawberries, mango, and coconut milk (not pictured because my son ate it too quickly!), Morning Delight (pictured above, top and bottom), Coco Berry (above, middle right), and Farmer’s Favorite (pictured below, right).

Everything was amazing! The gluten-free bread was delish. The toppings were the perfect amount for the bread. The smoothies were gone faster than a kid running downstairs on Christmas morning.

We voted and our favorites were: the Breakfast Blend smoothie and the Coco Berry toast.

Winner winner, certified organic raised without antibiotics pasture-raised chicken dinner!

I’m an avocado lover, so I naturally chose the Farmer’s Favorite toast. Anytime avocado toast is on a menu, I’m there like a bear. I was a little sad when I ended up liking the hub’s Coco Berry toast more than my avo toast. The hubs wouldn’t trade with me either! Ha! If you’re an avocado fan like me though, you’ll love the Farmer’s Favorite.

My little goof ball (above) is such a funny kid. Always making us laugh!

Friend – PUT REVIVE JUICE AND COFFEE BAR ON YOUR BRANSON MUST-VISIT LIST! You will love it. And tell all your friends who regularly visit Branson! (even if they don’t normally eat healthy food; they’ll love it too)

Revive Juice and Coffee Bar – thank y’all from the bottom of this striving for healthier living mama’s heart for making a health-centered menu where I feel comfortable saying to my kids “you can order anything you want.”

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  1. My mouth is watering. I want to go to Branson just to visit this place! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love Branson and Revive will be on the top of the list when I go back! The avo toast and breakfast blend smoothie have me wishing I was there today! Thanks for sharing this golden find!

  3. I will definitely visit Revive Juice and Coffee Bar in Branson! Looks delish! Thanks for sharing!!

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