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You’re in the right place if you’re headed to Antigua, West Indies and want to know Antigua’s must-do activity! This Antigua excursion is for those who want to see the island from above.

The husband and I just returned from another successful kid-free getaway. We started these kid-free trips in 2014 when our babies were little. My MIL was the one to suggest the hubs and I take a weekend away, and I’m so happy we listened to her! We had such a great time on that trip in 2014 that we’ve continued this tradition with one big trip sans-kids every year and a few smaller kid-free overnights throughout the year.

We hope through our blog you too are encouraged to make time for your spouse, to reconnect, and to have that much needed time away from the kids.

This year’s big trip was to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua! We are big fans of the Caribbean having visited the Bahamas, the BVI’s, St Thomas, St John, Saint Lucia, Belize, and Honduras (well, those last two aren’t technically in the Caribbean but they have a Caribbean Sea coastline).

We did a lot of exploring while in Antigua, and we think the best way to see the beautiful island of Antigua is with a full island helicopter tour with CalvinAir Helicopters. CalvinAir Helicopters hosted us on a full island tour, which was an unforgettable experience!

This must-do Antigua excursion lasts nearly half and hour, but it feels like much longer. You will get to see the beauty of Antigua – from the local spots to the 365 beaches to the beach accommodation and 5-star luxury resorts to the celebrity homes to the reef and more!

Keep your eyes peeled for marine life. We got to see rays on our flight!

Even though it was a pretty windy day, the ride was super smooth. Thank you to our Pilot, Mark, for making the ride so enjoyable! Mark also did a great job at pointing out all the landmarks.

The helicopter holds up to 6 passengers, and we had plenty of room. It’s a very comfortable ride.

CalvinAir Helicopters has three different tour offerings you can choose from, and you’re able to book directly from their website.

CalvinAir also specializes in VIP transfers, if that’s something you’re needing. The helicopter is quite luxurious!

Right now (April 2021) there are a handful of Tour Operators that have been certified by the Health and Tourism Authorities to provide excursions to tourists. CalvinAir Helicopters is one of the tour companies listed on the Visit Antigua and Barbuda travel website. The full list of certified tour operators and accommodation can be found on the Visit Antigua and Barbuda website.

Thank you so much to CalvinAir for hosting us on this amazing experience! As always, all opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Awesome helicopter ride and tour of the beautiful island. Definitely a great excursion to consider if you visit the island. Great blog post wifey!

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